Juvenile Delinquency

Homework assignment:

I need help with writing an abstract and answer the questions based on the following statement:

Historically, juvenile crime has peaked in the hours after school is dismissed but crime in schools has also become a major problem. Delinquency prevention and intervention programs have focused significant attention and funding on research and programs related to school violence.

Please use the attached document as reference. APA citations and writing style, not less than 800 words. 


  1.  Using Indicator #9 (Availability of  illegal  drugs on school property), page 40 of the attached document:

     article iscs14.pdf

  1. identify and thoroughly explain a statistically documented school-related juvenile crime problem that occurred over a period of at least 5 years (Indicator#9).  You MUST present the data from a minimum five (5) year period.

  2. Discuss how research addresses the problem using the articles provided explain how research can help address that specific juvenile crime problem of illegal drugs in