Kim woods Two Discussion questions

Feasibility Analyses and Business PlansPlease respond to the following:

  • Develop an idea for a new business and conduct a feasibility analysis. Please be as creative as you like in the development of your idea (but as careful as you can be in your analysis of that idea).
  • Analyze the steps involved in crafting a wining business plan and make at least one recommendation for improving the process. Explain your rationale for making the recommendation you did.

“War and Peace” Please respond to ONE the following:

  • Based on the lecture and Webtext materials, address the following:
    • War and conflict can cause horrible issues, and struggles for a country. It can decimate the population, cause horrible human rights issues and tends to set a country back instead of helping to create greater development. Please choose one of these issues to discuss:
    • 1) Discuss substantive ways in which armed conflict can contribute to or distract a developing economy and infrastructure. Analyze specific reasons why developed nations do not experience the same kinds of social upheaval. Note: Consider discussing a country you will use for Assignment 1 next week.
    • 2) Please research a country that is currently struggling with war or conflict. What are the reasons why, from your research, this country cannot get out of or away from conflict/war? What do you feel might contribute to helping this country get away from war? What could outside influences do to help and how might this country start taking steps to alleviate the struggles of war?