Leadership, Theory/Research, Conflict

Compare and contrast two conflict management theories from current academic literature .

Elaborate on the differences, including theoretical premises, between these two theories or models.  

Then, analyze and evaluate their implications for effectively leading/managing modern organizational and teams.   Indicate how both of your chosen theories or models could be used in tandem for engaging/resolving/managing contemporary workplace conflict and during times of change implementation.  Support your answers with current academic literature.

Support your statements and analyses with citations and other support from the academic literature.

Paper should be 6 pages excluding the reference page/ refernces used should be scholarly articles and case sudies. Access to library we be given once agreement is signed and you can also use what ever database that you may already have as well. 

No Plagerism, Authentice Work Only and Higer education writing APA with correct format in writing with in paragragh citations etc to validate. Thanks