In 2000, our country watched as George Bush and Al Gore battled to become the next US President. This assignment will guide you in determining how and why this battle occurred, and it will allow you to reach a conclusion on the outcome.

During the 2000 presidential campaign, in the final stage, America watched the battle over votes recount. George Bush in Bush v. Gore (2000) questioned the Florida Supreme Court. The decision of the Florida Supreme Court to allow a recount of the ballots was in violation of Article II, Section 1 and the violation of Equal Protection Clause.

Search the law and discuss constitutional grounds on which Bush challenged the Court’s decision. Why did he use these two?

Do you agree with the outcome? Why or why not?

You can read the Bush v. Gore case here.

Each government around the world operates under their own individual laws. Some countries do operate under a constitution as we do within the United States; however, each document provides distinct protections, powers, and limits. Here, you will have the chance to review, compare, and contrast the constitutions of four countries.

What influence do the amendments have on the individuals, groups, or whole society? Do you think each of the groups lives are better due to the Constitution? Should such a distinction be made at all?

Search the Constitutions of Germany, Egypt, and Ireland. Compare the Constitutions with the American Constitution. While comparing Constitutions, do focus on the rights of an individual and on the whole society, which are provided by the Constitutions.

Examine the similarities and differences between Constitutional provisions and draw conclusion on the general merits and benefits that individuals secure through the Constitutions.

Analyze the Constitutions of the countries and discuss the role of Constitution. Do you think that people have the same rights all over the world?