The standard format for design and performance specifications includes sixteen divisions, according to the Construction
Specification Institute (CSI). Division fifteen (15) is where the mechanical and plumbing systems for each specific project are contained; division sixteen
(16) contains the electrical systems specifications. Chapter 35 of the course text refers to Schedules and Specifications used in construction projects.

1.    Find a building that was built in the past 5 years and you have not previously worked on in your city.
In week one of the classes gets a copy of the construction documents at the local building department.  Provide a 3-4 page paper addressing the electric, HVAC and

plumbing system that were implemented, successfully or unsuccessfully. Focus on chapter 31, 32, & 33 of the text book as they apply to the building. The design team

has to balance selecting new energy efficiency equipment and concerns of durability.  For example, discuss how the design team energy efficient planning led to the

success of saving electricity and water.  Also, interview the Management or Maintenance staff for the building and asked them what MEP equipment are they very happy

with and what equipment should not be used again.  Make sure APA format is followed and the paper provides a strong  introduction and conclusion.

2.    Prepare a 3 – 4 page Library Assignment paper that includes the following information:
a. Name of the Building
b. Name of the Architect/Engineering Firm which performed the design
c. Provide pictures of the exterior of the building
d. Review the electric, HVAC and plumbing drawings and schedules for this project. What equipment was installed in the building electric, HVAC and plumbing is working

well and should be used in future projects.  For each piece of MEP equipment that you find out per your interviews that is not functioning well. Please recommend

alternate piece of equipment  and provide the reason why this is economically good choice. Also reference other projects that have used this piece of equipment that

you are recommending and had successful outcome.

3.    Look at two additional references (beyond the text book) about Construction Specifications.


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