Macroeconomics class

Ahmed Alyubi

08:53 – Ernie:  – Do you know his username on this site

08:53 – Guest-1500370352: no

08:53 – Ernie: and have you worked for him

08:53 – Guest-1500370352: yes

08:53 – Ernie: lol

08:53 – Guest-1500370352: but he didnt pay upfront

08:54 – Ernie: did he pay in the end

08:54 – Guest-1500370352: no

08:54 – Ernie: sorry. i have been scoring well in his classes, at average 80%

08:55 – Guest-1500370352: then? you from?

08:55 – Ernie: but i mentioned paying and he keeps making up lies saying he willl pay when paypal fixes his issues…kenya

08:55 – Guest-1500370352: so sad

08:56 – Ernie: i am glad i left him just on the verge of the larger quiz. showed him he can pass if he pays, but he wont pay and I cant have that.

thanks for the chat

08:56 – Guest-1500370352: welcome


 – if anyone is approached by an Arab dude called Ahmed Alyubi, make certain he pays first. He’ll keep making escuses and say his paypal has issues. Don’t buy it. Take his work at your own risk.

08:47: Guest-1500370352 – he is big scammer

08:47:  – whom?

08:48:  – oh, Ahmed Alyubi

08:48: Guest-1500370352 —yes

08:48:  – i kind of sensed it from his tone

and demanded he pay after three quizzes, he has plenty more and he is really appaling when asked to ay


08:49:  – Does he come as a guest?

08:49:  – he has plenty more and is failing misserably in class, so there is little chance he will pass at all

he does

he comes as a guest

08:49:  – ok

what’s is his profile on whatsapp?

08:50:  – Please contact me if you need help in Accounts, Finance, Cost, Economics, Maths, Stats, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Java, C++ and ALL ONLINE COURSES

08:50:  – footballer?

08:50:  – +1(510)***-7430

08:51:  – who needs help

08:51:  – dont work for that Arab dude.

and if you do, he ought to pay upfront