Management Across Cultures: Research Paper References

LP5.2 Assignment: Research Paper References

This assignment fulfills the writing intensive requirement for this course.

Directions- Submit your Research Paper References

The university’s faculty has designated this course as a writing-intensive course. The assigned writing project must include library/learning resource center research of print and electronic resources, periodic submission of drafts for faculty review and feedback throughout the quarter, and a final paper of 2500+ words written in APA style. Student research papers produced in this and other NAU courses may be eligible for the campus research scholarship competition.

The Research & Writing website and APA Style page are available for students (NAU Student Portal) and faculty (MyNAU intranet) at the NAU Online Library

The topic for my assigned Research Paper is:

4) In-Depth Integrative Case 2.2: Walmart’s Global Strategics (p. 264)

 Abstract is attached.