Management Assignment (500 words)

Assessment item 1A

Report outline

Value: 5%

Due date: 18-Aug-2017

Return date: 08-Sep-2017

Length: 500

Submission method options

Interact2 Blog


Assignment 1A focuses on understanding, improving employees’ motivation through application of motivational theories to a case study. The case study is available in the subject’s Interact2 site in Resources, Assignment 1A folder. This assignment is divided into two parts. The first part you are required to submit a report outline, and in the second part, a full report. The two parts of this assignment are connected and are focusing on the same task. In other words, part A: Report outline will help you as a group to organise your thoughts and ideas around the relationship between OB theories from topic 2 to topic 5 and motivational issues presented in the case study. Hence, you should read the whole task before attempting part A or part B of this assignment.

Both, assignment 1A and 1B, are based on group work, and hence, you are required to form a group of minimum three and maximum four members in week two of the session. Group members need to self-enrol in a group by using Interact2 tool: Groups. Additional instructions on doing this will be provided in week 1 of the session.

Your task in this assignment is to develop an outline of a report focusing on the following tasks:

• Discuss and apply the concept of job satisfaction to the scenario. • Apply Vroom’s expectancy theory OR Adam’s equity theory to gain further understanding of the Millennial employee’s motivation.• Apply McClelland’s acquired needs OR Herzberg’s two factor theory to gain further understanding of the Millennial employee’s motivation. • Analyse the psychological contract between the organisation and the Millennial employee. • Identify three recommendations that can be applied to improve the motivation of the Millennial employee in this scenario (use any extrinsic and intrinsic motivators of your choice)

The structure of the outline, and its sections need to be relevant for the analysis of employee motivation in the scenario. A suggested structure is presented below. Next, the outline needs to discuss and apply the following OB concepts and models in identifying motivational issues at ‘The Office’: Section 1: Background information on Millennials and job satisfaction (Topic 2)

Section 2: Millennial employee’s motivation: What and how (Topic 3) • Content theory of motivation (Herzberg’s two-factor theory OR McClelland’s acquired needs theory)• Process theory of motivation (Vroom’s expectancy theory OR Adam’s expectancy theory of motivation)

Section 3: Psychological contract (Topic 1)

Section 4: Recommendations (Topics 4 and 5)• Extrinsic motivators of your choice (e.g., managing pay, pp.143-147) and/or Intrinsic motivators of your choice (e.g., job characteristics model pp.171-6; goal-setting theory pp.179-183, etc.)

The outline should be presented as a set of dot-points, rather than paragraphs, identifying and justifying Millennial employee’s motivation issues encountered in the scenario. These motivational issues need to be identified based on the application of the above identified OB concepts and models. Next, the report outline needs to include key arguments from the literature on employee motivation, and brief definitions of key concepts. Hence the outline needs to be based on four references.

The quality of the outline will depend on the group discussions, sharing of information, ideas, and views on the Millennial’s employee motivation. These need to be evident in logical thinking and conceptual design presented in the outline. Lastly, the outline needs to have a balance between theory (introducing OB concepts and models) and practical application of OB concepts in identifying the employee’s motivational issues.

Focus of the outline should be on the identification of the employee’s motivational issues based on application of OB theories, models and concepts.

Submit the report outline as a blog using the Interact tool: Blog. Additional instructions on how to use this tool will be provided in week 2 of the session.


Report outline can be presented as a combination of sentences, bullet points, and tables. The focus of this report outline is on the body of the report, and thus, introduction, executive summary andconclusion should not be part of this report outline.Report outline must contain a reference list that includes four journal articles.