Marketing Product Innovation Management

Maximum length: 1500 words +need in text citation+ reference list (minimum 7-8 high quality articles)

Management style not report style, so put in tables/  charts with short paragraphs only. No lengthy essay report style required here. Note: No bullet points, proper paragraphs

 Assignment: Consumer Persona (Brief guideline on what the assignment is about)

·      Evaluate the market and competitive landscape for autonomous vehicles

·      Identify and describe trends in technology influencing AV design

·      Determine and profile a key consumer target market for the company to focus on

·      Develop a design persona around which to develop AV (please note it is not developing a new product)

·       Brand chosen is Mercedes-benz

What is required in the assignment?

1.     Markets – what does the competitive landscape for Autonomous Vehicle (AV) look like?

a.     What are the main product market segments?

b.     Who are the major competitors and what are their AV products

c.     What are the trends in the AV being developed and launched

What writer has to answer:

1. Introduce Mercedes-benz: (100 words)

            –A brief history about mercedes-benz including what they do, their market share and explanation on why we chose mercedes-benz for our AV car

2. Market Analysis  (150words, Please indicate visuals and support with short paragrahs in a table format)

            –Include main product market segment such as what the company offer, their competitive strategy looking at micheal porter 5 forces (cost leadership, niche, differenttiation or focused)

3. Major Competitors (Please insert visuals and support with short paragrahs of 80 words each (80×3=240words)

            –briefly describe the 3 competitor’s background and Main product market segment competitors offer

4. State what are AV trends developed and launched over the year  (150-190words, Please put it in a table format)– Example market trends of electronics invades car > electric car (hybrid car) > disruption

5. Come out with a Perceptual Map Analysis of Mercedes-Benz vehicle and a short description / 1 paragraph of the map (40-50words)

2.     What are the main technology trends in technology influencing AV design?

a.     Traditional design vs. New design

b.     Trends likely to influence AV design over the next 5 years

What writer has to answer:

1. Compare Technology design, past and present or also known as the Traditional vs New automotive vehicle design (Do this in a table format in bullet point format (50-60words)

– Include product features and insert visual and graphs of technology growth

– Trends influence AV design ( Emerging and New) (e.g. 360 panoramic camera, sensor technology, car interior, software and connectivity, size of vehicle changing over the years? The features improvement?)

2. Predict the trend of AV the technology or design in the next 5 years in short paragraphs (100-200words)(Must be related and influence to your topic) IMPORTANT.

·       (e.g. better growth in design? Full automation in AV?)