Mary Romero’s The Maid’s Daughter

Write 4-5 pages paper directly quoting from Romero with analysis regarding racism, sexism, or classism. Direct quotes from Romero are included in the body of the paper These papers are not a summary of Romero’s book. A paper that is based in critical thinking requires the following: 1. You create a valid and substantial thesis which is mentioned in the opening paragraph. A thesis is a claim that is supported in the body of your paper. 2. You prove your thesis consistently throughout the body of the paper with supported text quotes from retrieved sources. 3. Learners provide a Works Cited page. 4. Learners place their last name and page number on each page of their paper. 5. Learners adhere to MLA format for paper writing. Important: intention of these papers is to demystify and deconstruct at least one of the terms that shape this course; racism, sexism, classism, or heterosexism. Several Writing Requirements Regarding Content of Paper: 1. Identify the quoted sources by journal, title, name of author in the opening paragraph. 2. Critically think and write your reaction and connection to the author’s book. 3. Critique Romero in depth analyzing your selected quotations. Don’t abandon the selected quote and proceed to a new paragraph.