Midterm Essay

Examine the following four points to cover in your essay submission:

  1. In this course, we provided an overview on how the economic, political, and legal environments affect international business operations. For this point, explain how the political environment affects international business operations.
  2. For the next point to cover in your midterm essay, outline fiscal concerns that organizations should be aware of when conducting operations internationally. Items should include details on interest rates, global purchasing power, currency, and foreign exchange.
  3. Culture is present in every business interaction, transaction, and decision. One can infer that if we understand a countries culture, and we consider that understanding with business planning, we can increase corporate productivity. Evaluate how culture can influence international business strategies.
  4. Finally, define globalization and describe the concept/process of globalization as it applies to international business. Include examples.
  5. Your submission is to be one single essay, have a cover sheet, include two scholarly sources (at a minimum), and have an APA formatted references page. Write your essay in a properly formatted Word document and submit it below.

Keep the following points in mind:

  • Answers show comprehension and application of theories and models.
  • Arguments for the main essay points are well developed, with statements supported by reasons, research information, and examples where appropriate.
  • Research is relevant to the topics, and sources are correctly cited in APA style.
  • Submission is in essay format, which includes a cover page and a properly formatted references page.

Be sure to follow APA style and use in-text citations if needed.