need help with two discussions one for accounting class and one for my human resource class

Accounting $5.00

Here is the first question on the Discussion page:

A key component of the determination of cost of goods sold is inventory. To compute cost of goods sold you must consider the beginning and ending inventory amounts for the accounting period. Businesses with inventory use one of two primary methods to track inventory movement and determine the value of inventory at a point in time.

The two methods are introduced in the chapter we are covering this week: the periodic inventory method and the perpetual inventory method. I invite you to conduct some research into the topic. Below is some information to get you started:

  • What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each method?
  • In terms of information useful to support day-to-day operations, which method do you recommend? Why? Please explain.

Note: To help answer the questions above you may wish to choose a specific company or industry as it will help you to explain your recommendation in the context of information useful to the company or industry. Also, remember to cite your sources!

Human Resource $5.00

The cost of health care benefits is on the rise. In an efforts to maintain affordability, many insurers offer value added resources dedicated to helping employees live healthier lifestyles, including discounts for weight loss centers, smoking cessation programs, or financial incentives such as reimbursements for yoga and gym memberships. Reflect on the incentives your current, past employer, or an employer you have researched offer to control the cost of your health care benefits.

  • What types of health care benefits would be most useful to you and your family?
  • Would the types of benefits an employer offers influence your decision to work there?
  • Which benefits would best lead you to a healthier lifestyle?