networking project


Take look at the attachment first!

 The due day is on July 19th. The time located in Los Angeles CA at the USE. You will need to do in the project so many things. First, you need to as the prof asked in the task exactly. Also, the prof needs to take screen shots for all the windows with showing the data and time. Therefore, all pics that you will take need to be sent with the power point files as separately. No taking any pics from the internet. Also, make sure that the locations and the name have to be related to me. My name is Majeed! I am located in Los Angeles CA.

 In the project, you will need to reset the router and download the tools. Check the prof requirements. Also, we have studied from chapters 1 to 7 and 11. I have done all the cases project in theses chapters.  Also, Attachments is prof requirements. All of the textbook and the case projects have uploaded on this link