Organizational Behavior PPT on stress related to the video

The purpose of the team presentations is to analyze a television show or movie in terms of current management and organizational behavior theory and practice. Television shows and movies provide a window into the way that people behave. Your task is to find a television show or movie that focuses on the workplace, and to show the class how that television show or movie portrays your topic (see below). You will then present the research that you have done on your topic, which should go well beyond the material presented in the textbook, and analyze the television show or movie in terms of that research.

Here’s the video clip about stress.

In terms of what the video depicts, come up with some ideas related to chapter 9 “stress” in the textbook and provide some bullet points for one or two slides regarding 

1. what ‘s stress

2. outcomes of stress

3. how to cope with stress


___first, Make sure read the PPT on stress, as it summarizes what the textbook is focusing on

—–second, finish the slide with at least 4 bullet points regarding “stress” shown in the video

— for the contents in bullet points   You must use an outside reference from legitimate business publications (e.g., The Wall Street Journal, The New YorkTimes, The Economist, Bloomberg Businessweek, Fortune, Forbes, or peer-reviewed business journals)

Make sure you use outside sources on “stress”.

And, please provide a ppt note/subscript on what I should be talking in the presentation.

check out the attachments