Philosophy 101 10. Utilitarianism, in simple terms, is the theory that we should always act.

Please help. Philosophy 101

10. Utilitarianism, in simple terms, is the theory that we should always act…

A. According to the rule that we should always bring about the best overall outcome for everyone who is affected.

B. According to a universal moral law that requires we respect the autonomy of all rational beings no matter the consequences.

C. According to the dictates of the implicit contract that all humans have agreed to live under

D. According to the idea of morality that is exemplified by the people that are considered to be heroes in our culture.

E. All of the above.

11. True or False; “Epicurus believes that the most important virtues that you need to have, without which you cannot be happy, are courage and a strong work-ethic.”

A. True

B. False

12. The form of oppression that Young calls “marginalization” most commonly occurs when…

A. Some people have lower status than others.

B. The fruits of some people’s labor are transferred to benefit others.

C. Some groups suffer from systematic, unpunished violence.

D. The labor market cannot or will not employ some people.

E. All of the above.

15. True or False: “Taylor argues that if Sisyphus were able to feel happy and complete his task, then his life would be meaningful, but since Sisyphus will never complete his task, he will never be happy and his life will be objectively meaningful. And the same is true of us.” 

A. True

B. False

16. Even if people in a social group have access to a comfortable material life, marginalization can still be oppressive, according to Young. Why?

A. Marginalized people are more likely to face violence as a form of oppression.

B. Marginalized people are always also economically exploited.

C. Marginalized people are not independent or autonomous.

D. None of the above.