Philosophy paper

This paper should be 600 to 800 words, 12 point Times New Roman font, and double spaced. All papers in this course will be comprised of two main sections. First, a summary of part of the reading, then your own opinion. Please make sure to turn in your paper as a Microsoft word document and not as a .pages document. I cannot open .pages.In this paper, students are to answer:Using the “Intel’s “Rebates” and Other Ways It “Helped” Customers” case from page 230, summarize the issue with the rebates, along with the ethical issues they present.Use one of the theories previously discussed in chapter 4, or a previous chapter, to evaluate whether or not the rebates were ethical. Make sure you fully explain the theory as it relates to the issue. Lastly, give an alternative theory and what the alternate theory might conclude about the rebates

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