Positioning Technologies

DISCUSSION -3                     Positioning Technologies


1.     Nowadays, various indoor and outdoor positioning (i.e. identify the position of an object) applications are making use of 3G and wifi technology. Do your own research and reference at least 2 articles related to this topic.

ØWrite a post (300-500 words) on the discussion forum to summarize your research. In your summary:

1.      Identify and briefly describe TWO positioning technologies and their applications. You need to name specific application for example “Find my iPhone” is one such application making use of positioning technology. 

2.      Discuss the pros and cons of each positioning technology identified above.


1.     Post your primary response by Tuesday August 8, 2017 (23:59PM) 

Marking criteria

Your posts will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Using appropriate APA citation/reference style
  2. Provide concrete examples in your discussion and reply
  3. Identify and describe the correct positioning technologies, their applications and their pros and cons.
  4. In your reply, you can challenge something that has been posted or pose a related question or issue or suggest a different perspective or interpretation 
  5. Provide your comment on a post and summarize why you agree/disagree to the post.
  6. Pull in related information from other sources with proper citations & references 
  7. Writing skills and structure of the discussion