Question: Find one internet article focused on a company that has implemented RFID.

Question:Find one internet article focused on a company that has implemented RFID.

Provide a two page article review on why the company chose this direction, and how the company has improved it’s inventory management, or if RFID has not improved the company’s position.

a.) write a concise summary of the article, being sure to describe the nature and techniques of the firm’s RFID strategy

b). Using what you have learned from the module readings and other activities, follow your summary with a brief analysis in which you appraise the factors and processes involved in the firm’s logistics system planning.

c.) Include a full reference and retrieval URL for the article.

 Do not list additional references. The only reference should be the article’s URL.

Article Requirements 

The writing should be free of spelling and grammar errors, and comply with the current APA style guidelines for citations and references.