Reaction Paper 7, for Maggie k

Decription for the paper

2full page paper not including the works cited

APA format

double space

Please write 2­ page papers on the following: a person or event within the time period of Medieval Christianity.

The chapter I had choosen is on chapter 32 The Golden Age of Medieval Christianity.  I’ll send you the snapshot and, but you HAVE to use the information from the text ill had provided. 

what to write about in the 2 page Reaction paper:

on the one and a half pages ,should be a summary of the material to be read, and the last half­page should be the student’s reaction to the material.?

Answer the question, “what interested you about the reading, and why?” 

works cited 

The Story of Christianity, Volume 1: The Early Church to the Dawn of the Reformation 2010 edition Author: Gonzalez, Justo L.. (Harper Collins)  I

SBN: 978­0­06­185588­7 

any question feel free to let me know.