reflective essay on disruptive innovation

 Reflective essay on Back-Bay Battery simulation


The Back Bay Battery simulation game was developed by Professor Clay Christensen at Harvard Business School to demonstrate the dynamics of disruptive innovation. Remember that Christensen has developed this concept and is famous for it. If you are unsure of what disruptive innovation is after my lecture, you can read the first chapter of his book.The link to the website with the simulation will be provided and you will be given class time to get started in case there are any access issues.Your assignment is separated in to two sections.Part 1 20 marksWhat have you learnt about managing new products from this simulation? What were the challenges that you faced in trying to grow a profitable business? How do these challenges relate to Christensen’s theory of disruptive innovation? (1000 words)Part 2 10 marksGive a recent example from the past 5 years of disruptive innovation in an industry. Use Christensen’s theory to explain why it is disruptive. (500 words)