reliability and validity mock study

Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper that discusses your instrumentation.

Discuss in more detail than the prior week the instrument you’ve selected for your mock study and why it is appropriate.

Describe a quantitative non-equivalent instrument’s reliability and validity as reported in the literature, and its cultural appropriateness to a population. References required for this section.

Identify if you would have the need to modify the instrument for the study.  If you would have to modify the ( quantitative)  instrument, describe what that modification might be and the rationale for the modifications. If you have determined you do not have to modify the instrument, describe how you might modify it to better reflect a purpose.  If the instrument has not been validated for the population that is the same as in a mock study, or if you would modify the instrument, describe how you would validate the instrument statistically.

Provide a conclusion that includes the justification for your choices for your study supported by references.

Format your paper so that it is consistent with APA guidelines