Respond to Discussion 10

Winthrop, MA is a small community located just north of Boston, MA. According to Winthrop, MA (n.d), the small town has several local shops, restaurants and beaches, which attract several tourists every summer (paras. 1&2). Winthrop requires additional resources for efficient recovery of an informal economy. 

Many small businesses have been established in Winthrop. According to Phillips (2015), small businesses are more susceptible to failure of disaster recovery due to lack of financial resources (p. 248). Small businesses need to establish strategic plans for recovery resources, such as loans and saving funds. According to Phillips (2015), the federal government does not offer businesses grants for recovery, only low interest loans (p. 266). Winthrop needs to establish relationships with partners to ensure small business owners have support in disaster recovery.

According to Winthrop, MA (n.d), Winthrop was established in 1630, which provides the community with historical museums and sites (para. 3). The National Trust for Historical Preservation can be utilized for the restoration of Winthrop’s historical sites. According to Phillips (2015), The National Trust for Historical Preservation provides guidance to historical communities on the restoration of historical business areas (p. 265). Resources can be carefully considered in coordination with the The National Trust for Historical Preservation. 

Winthrop will utilize an altruism approach to ensure small businesses can recover. Winthrop’s recovery plan will incorporate established relationships with the Salvation Army and American Red Cross. According to Phillips (2015), disaster voluntary organizations are able to bring in experienced personnel to lead community support to an efficient recovery (p. 445). The American Red Cross and Salvation Army can provide affiliated volunteers whom are able to recruit ready-to-help community organizations. 


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