Provide a brief summary or overview of the reading • Be sure to identify the main argument, thesis, or key point of the reading – i.e., what is the major point that the author wants you to understand? • Demonstrate your ability to show depth in thinking and writing by choosing a few (2-3) concrete sections/examples in the reading and briefly expand on these in your response • Do not simply summarize – construct your own ideas that demonstrate that you have attempted to analyze and/or critically respond to the source’s argument/material (see, e.g., the resource “Analytic Essay”). This may include making connections between different parts of the reading/course. • ALWAYS PROVIDE SPECIFIC PAGE NUMBERS FOR ALL REFERENCES TO THE READING – WHETHER YOU ARE PARAPHRASING OR DIRECTLY QUOTING SOURCES • Do not use other sources other than the assigned reading. You may use dictionaries if unclear about complicated terms, but do not google for content and do not use the internet.