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On your first day as an Information Systems Security director, you met with the Chief Information Officer. During the meeting, he revealed to you his deep concerns about the Infrastructure Protection Plan. He asked you to read the Department of Homeland Security. (2009). National Infrastructure Protection Plan. Retrieved from carefully and focus more on chapter 6: Ensuring an Effective, Efficient Program Over the Long Term.

Since he realizes that you are new to this position he asked you to deliver the final plan, memo and budget in 7 weeks (week 8) but he setup 3 checkpoints for you to deliver parts of the plan to ensure consistent progress of the deliverables before the big presentation in week 8.

Phase 1: Memo – due in week 3

In this phase, you need to create 3-5 page professional memo about your assessment of what needs to be done to meet the standards based on the National Infrastructure Protection Plan. You need to make sure that the language in the memo is clear of free of errors. You also need to be creative in presenting this information to capture the most important points from the National Infrastructure Protection Plan. You need to demonstrate critical thinking to prioritize the action items based on your findings.

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Further Directions on the Case Study – Phase 1

In this project, you should have an organization in mind. Ideally it should be one you are familiar with, perhaps one you have worked at previously or currently. NOTE – Do not reveal any confidential information in the process.

            Use the information contained in the resource provided as well as information from other sources in your research to address the following questions below:

1.      Analyze authorities, roles, and responsibilities

2.      Analyze how to manage risk

3.      Determine methods for organizing and partnering for Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources CIKR Protection

4.      Ensure an Effective, Efficient Program Over the Long Term

5.      Include at least 3 references