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Please read before watching the video and completing your one page reflection paper. Each unit has one video that you are required to watch and then answer the following questions in a one page essay reflection paper. 1) What was the video about? 2) Name in detail at least three things that you learned from the video. 3) What chapter in your textbook did the video relate to? 4) How were you able to make the connection between the video and the chapter? (Please do not include the questions.)

Each one page reflection paper is worth a total of 75 points. You must answer all four questions in essay format. Your paper must be doubled spaced and you must use Times Roman 12 point font. Please make sure that your margins are set at 1”. All of the movie clips are found on Lone Star College’s Library website. Please go to LSCS Libraries, Research Databases, and Films on Demand. You are also able to copy the URL address that I have included and paste it within the address bar. If you experience any technical problems please call technical support at 936-273-7385. If you are trying to access the videos off campus you must have a library code. Please submit your papers in the drop box which can be found under the Reflection Paper Assignment Tab.


Please do not complete each unit’s reflection paper until it has been assigned. All dates are found on the courses calendar. I will not accept any late papers. I will only accept papers that have been completed and turned in within the range of the assigned date and the due date for each unit that can be found on the courses calendar. For example if you turn in the reflection paper for unit two while we are still in unit one I will not accept it.

1) Unit ONE: Doing Sociological Research
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