Student Math SAT Verbal SAT SAT II Subject Rank Class size A 520 480 450 103 298 B 640 120 800 3 137 c 250 300 800 492 506 d 590 600 720 352 440 e

StudentMath SATVerbal SATSAT II SubjectRankClass sizeA520480450103298B6401208003137c250300800492506d590600720352440e590800740193160f65068024053800g590700550120410h3105203904277i43029045010240j470510420-15137k600720930210982On Worksheet should include Math SAT, Verbal sAT, SatII, Rank, and Class SizeCriteria used in deciding admissions:SAT test scores always range from 200 to 800.1. If an impossible number is submitted, the applicant is refused admission.2. If any test score is 800, the applicant is accepted.3. If any of the test scores is below 300, the applicant is refused admission.4. If the Math and Verbal SAT scores average above 600 and the applicant is in the top quarter of the top quarter of the graduating class, the applicant is accepted.5. If any two of the test scores are below 400 or the applicant is in the bottom quarter of the graduating class, the applicant is refused admission.6. Otherwise the applicant is put on the waiting list.Criteria applied in order.These criteria are applied in order. Thus any impossible number disqualified an applicant. If the five numbers are valid, then any test score of 800 means acceptance, regardless of the other numbers. if the first two criteria do not hold, then check the third criterion. And so on.Worksheet should have a different cell for each criterion. Then you should combine all six criteria into a final decision of either “Accepted”, “Denied Admission”, or “Waiting List”.The solution should be in excel and formulas for logical functions should be behind the answers.Thank you.