Supply Chain

Organization is Caterpillar andd country is South Korea

Overview: The milestone assignments in this course directly support you in the completion of your final project, a location justification report. In this second milestone assignment, you will continue your research on your recommended international location for your organization’s new facility.

Prompt: You will now be taking a deeper dive into your recommended international location by identifying any associated constraints with supply chain management in that country. Specifically, you will determine potential bottlenecking issues and transportation constraints and identify strategies for minimizing their impact. You will also analyze these constraints and determine if a push or pull system is the most appropriate for operating the new facility, and justify your recommendation.

Responding to the following guided questions will help you begin to develop ideas about course concepts in relation to the Constraints critical elements within your final project.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Constraints: In this section, you will consider various constraints associated with your recommended location. In addition, you will identify the most appropriate system to help minimize the impact these constraints will have on the operation of the new facility.

A. Bottlenecking issues: What are the potential bottlenecking issues you could encounter with this international expansion? What strategies would you recommend for avoiding these bottlenecks?

B. Transportation constraints: What are the transportation constraints that may exist at the international facility you selected? What strategies would you recommend for minimizing the impact of these constraints?

C. Push or pull system: Do you recommend a push or pull system for operating the new international facility? Why? How did the bottlenecking and transportation constraints you identified influence this decision?