Task Length:

TaskLength: The maximum number of words set for this assignment is 300 per answer. However, it is expected that answers to the assignment questions be succinct (i.e. precise and concise) with all sources of information fully referenced.Answer the following questions:1. Visit a reputable security website and summarise in a table the top 3 vulnerabilities and 3 exploits. Please note your research has to be up-to-date for the current year and month. 2. Critique the relevance of two (2) general security principles which can guide a firm’s security-architecture design. Provide one real life case study of a security incident which could have been mitigated using these security principles.3. What characteristics would make an encryption absolutely unbreakable? What characteristics would make an encryption impractical to break?4. Investigate the computer security policy for your university or employer. Who wrote the policy? Who enforces the policy? Who does it cover? What resources does it cover?RationaleThis assignment is designed to test your knowledge and understanding of some of the key concepts and issues related to information security as covered in the module 1 of this subject.Marking criteriaMarking criteriaAll questions are of equal value.Marks will be awarded based on:• The degree to which you demonstrate your understanding of facts, principles and concepts; • Clarity of explanations; • Grammar and referencing. Note: All sources of information must be fully referenced using the APA reference format.Assignment 1 Mark sheetSubject ITC331 Ethics and Professional PracticeAssignment Name Assessment item 1a: Security assessmentDue Date: CSU number :ASSIGNMENT CRITERIA (Arguments and Logic) Question 1 /15Question 2 /15Question 3 /15Question 4 /15Quality of research and clarity of explanations (writing and grammar) /20Presentation {title page, headings, formatting, spelling, word limit} and APA referencing /20