TASKS : In this program, you will:

Flowgorithm help!!!!

TASKS: This assignment is taken from Programming Exercise 1 on page 474 in Chapter 11 of the textbook. In this program, you will:

  • Create a Flowgorithm program from a problem description
  • Display a menu of languages to choose from (this can be in a function)
  • Ask the user to make a selection, and process the selection

ASSIGNMENT: Start Flowgorithm, and then do the assignment outlined in step 1. Save the Flowgorithm file on your flash drive or PC as S12.fprg. Submit the Flowgorithm file in Blackboard.

1)    Create a Flowgorithm program as follows.

a.     Include the usual comment lines for Author, Date and Description.

b.     Display the menu presented in Exercise 1. You may choose to do this in a separate function or in the Main module. You do not have to call a separate function. NOTE: Flowgorithm does not allow you to use multiple lines in an Output display, so you have to do each line with a separate Output symbol.

c.     Ask the user to input a menu choice.

d.     If the user enters 1, 2, 3 or 4, display the appropriate greeting.

e.     If the user enters 5, the program ends.

f.      If the user enters anything else, the program displays an error message

g.     The menu should display in a loop until the user enters 5

2)    Save the file as  S12.fprg.

 Select a Language and I will say Good Morning

1. English

2. Italian

3. Spanish

4. German

5. End the Program

Enter your selection.

If the user selects item 1, the program should display “Good morning.” If the user selects item 2, the program should display “Buongiorno.” If the user selects item 3, the program should display “Buenos dias.” If the user selects item 4, the program should display “Guten morgen.” If the user selects item 5, the program should end.