Thank you so much. Dear [your name goes here]:

Please help me, First, you read the passage and answer the question. Thank you so much. 

Dear [your name goes here]:

I am very pleased to invite you to a second round of screening interviews with XYZ Corporation. Your on-campus session with our representative went very well, and we would like to consider you further for a full-time position. Please con-tact me to arrange a visit date. We will need a full day. The schedule will include several meetings with executives and your potential team members, as well as a round of personality tests. Thank you again for your interest in XYZ Corp. I look forward to meeting you during the next step in our recruiting process.

Sincerely,[signed] Human Resource Director

Getting a letter like this is great news. It’s a nice confirm action of your hard work and performance in college. You obviously made a good first impression. But have you thought about this “personality test” thing? What do you know about them and how they are used for employment screening? Some people might even consider their use an invasion of privacy.


What are the ethical issues associated with the use of personality testing? What responsibilities does an employer have if they are being used?

Should they be required to have data showing that personality tests actually predict key areas of employee performance on the job? Just when is personality testing inappropriate and an invasion of privacy? How should all this be handled by a job candidate as in the case just presented?