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Writing a Manual

1.      you will be writing 10 pages . Refer to pp. 569 to 571 (Ch. 20)

2.     You must choose a subject for the manual that is related to your current or previous work life.

My choice- employee recruitment procedure audience will be the HR department

As you decide on a subject for your manual, consider the following questions: 


What procedure or computer program in your current or previous workplace would perform better or be used if clearly written instructions were available?

·         Is there a procedure or computer program in your current or previous workplace that you would like to know more about?

3.      Write the manual with a specific audience in mind. If you are writing for your workplace, decide if your manual is written for the entire organization, or a specific group or groups.

Include the following items in your manual:

·         Table of Contents

·         Headers and footers that include page numbers, copyright information, and other necessary information

·         Headings

·         Appropriate font

·         Written instructions for accessing, navigating, and using the selected tool or procedure

·         Visual elements such as images and screenshots (cite pictures)

·         Effective page layout, including use of white space, color, and proper font

·         Terminology definitions for any symbols or diagrams used

·         References to source material, if needed

·         Any other necessary information to help the user navigate the manual