The Decision Framework 800 words.

The decison framework includes 1.Decision criteria. 2.Decision Alternatives. 3.Decision model.

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Decision model

The decision model is presented in appendix.. The decision model has a range of analytic methods that help the user filter the available choices with three stages. The first stage involves descriptive statistics and uses pivot table. By the end of the first stage we hope to reduce the number of alternatives to 10 products from 20. The first stage involves defining the new products………….

The second stage of the decision model uses a forecasting method to estimate the demands of the 10 products and rank them. By the end of this stage we hope to eliminate 2 more products. In this stage a regression model will be used to forecast sales.

In the last stage we will use an AHP model to rank the 8 alternatives to find the best 5 option. ……

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