THE PREVALENCE OF ANGER IN SERVICE CONSUMPTION SETTINGS Jack O’Brien is a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh.



Note. The numbers in the second, third, fourth, and fifth column refer to how many times a specific emotion term was mentioned as respectively the strongest, second-strongest, third-strongest, or fourth-strongest emotion. A dash indicates that this emotion was not mentioned (as for instance the strongest emotion).


The results of this study demonstrate that consumers experience a broad range of negative emotions in response to a failed service encounter. Anger was by far the most frequently experienced emotion; 82% of the participants experienced anger in response to the most recently experienced failed service encounter. This suggests that anger is a common emotion in response to failed service encounters. Because the results of this study provide additional support for the contention that customer anger has a powerful impact on the profitability and performance of service firms, this study calls for more research on the nature of customer anger.