These questions are about Hamp;M. 1. How does the business market to its segments?

These questions are about H&M.

1. How does the business market to its segments? Specifically include the following:

A. What technologies are in place to allow the business to “reach out” to its segments?

B. How has the use of technology within this organization allowed the business to reach out to its markets to showcase its new products?

C. How has the use of technology changed its interaction with its suppliers? Wholesalers? Other business partners?

2. There are five categories of new products: new inventions, new category entries, additions to product lines, product improvements, and repositioning target products to new markets for new uses. The process is the same regardless of the category. It includes idea generation, idea screening, concept development and testing, analyzing the business, prototype development, test marketing, and commercialization.

A. Once the new products are identified for your business, how has the use of technology helped or hindered this organization in determining which new products to


B. How is technology utilized in the actual generation of the idea to commercialization phase?

C. Describe ways that this business uses technology to enhance the customer shopping experience. Which products or opportunities should this business produce to

enhance its market share?