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discussion 1

What is the importance of consumer credit in our economy?

student respond

student 1

Consumer credit is very important for the economy. Actually, the consumer credit can conducive to raising the propensity to consume and expanding domestic demand. The healthy consumer credit can effectively improve the national GDP. The consumer credit is increasingly popular with young people and changed our lives. Meanwhile, it is also a huge challenge for the safety of financial systems.

student 2

Consumer credit allows people to have cash on hand in order to spend it immediately. For example, borrowing money from someone to pay a speeding ticket is an example of consumer credit. It is important because some people don’t have the cash on hand to do such things. In the example, someone could pay back the person right away when he/she receives their first paycheck.

student 3

Consumer credit is credit referring specifically to credit extended for personal or household use by individual consumers and their families. This differs from, say, business or bank credit, which is used by corporations or banks. Consumers can purchase items they need when their funds are low. First of all, the development of consumer credit is conducive to improving consumption trends and expanding domestic demand. Secondly, the development of consumer credit is conducive to economic growth.

student 4

Consumer credit is the product of financial innovation. Commercial banks are for the natural person consumption purpose loans. The establishment of personal consumption credit is one of the important measures of the state-owned commercial banks to adapt to the establishment and  perfection of the socialist market economic system and adapt to the reform of the financial system and adapt to the international trend of financial development.