type of federal organization

We need a PowerPoint and an ms word. In power, make sure there is speaker notes that are well summarized from your word.


From pages 314-320 of the text from the link above, choose one agency or organization (example = you can chose the state department but not the cabinet).

You will then write an essay. Your essay MUST include the following:

  1. Determine what type of federal organization it is
  2. Explain an abbreviated history of your organization
  3. Determine who is in charge of your organization, how they get their job, and if there are any important or notable leaders who headed the organization in the past
  4. Describe what the organization does
  5. Create a slogan that exemplifies how your organization helps our country
  6. Create a PowerPoint of this slogan(10-15 slides)

The essay must be in MLA format, follow the standard 5 paragraph model and be at least 2 pages words.

You must use 2 credible resources outside of the text, submit your work in Mirosoft Word doc (essay) with a works cited page.