Unit 6 discussion 1 Mantha



    • Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.
    • Jacob, Michelle M. (2006). When a native “goes researcher”: Notes from the North American Indigenous Games. American Behavioral Scientist, 50(4), 450.

    Jacob’s journal article, “When a Native ‘Goes Researcher’: Notes From the North American Indigenous Games,” discusses qualitative analysis.

    Write an abstract for this article and include the following information.

    • Summary of the topic of the article (4–5 sentences).
    • Summary of the article’s statements or arguments regarding qualitative analysis (4–5 sentences).
    • Summary of the examples of qualitative analysis in the article (4–5 sentences).

    Response Guidelines

    Review and critique the postings of two peers. Share an insight you gained regarding qualitative analysis by reviewing the post. Contrast your understanding of qualitative theories with the ideas presented in your peers’ postings.