urposeThis project will give students the opportunity to present the benefits of a Risk Management Plan to a board of directors of a fictitious company. Learning Objectives and OutcomesThe objective o


This project will give students the opportunity to present the benefits of a Risk Management Plan to a board of directors of a fictitious company. 

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

The objective of the project is for students to understand the benefits of risk management planning, then aggregate and summarize those benefits and be able to present them in a business setting. 

The following tools and resources that will be needed to complete this project:

▪ Course textbook

▪ Internet access for research

▪ Microsoft Powerpoint


As discussed in this course, risk management is an important process for all organizations. The project activities will produce:

1. Powerpoint presentation of bulletized benefits of Risk Management assessment.

2. Slide notes that would serve as talking points for the presentation.

Submission Requirements

All project submissions should follow this format:

▪ Presentation slides are to be created in Microsoft Powerpoint. Presentations should include:

o A Title Slide that includes your name, date, the course ID (ISOL533), and “Fall 2017 IIG”

o 6-10 slides of content that meet the requirements listed below

▪ Slide Notes should be included with each slide as talking points. Slide notes can be either added to the note tab of each slide in Powerpoint OR you can create the slide notes in a separate Word document. For each slide, the slide notes should be between 250-400 WORDS PER SLIDE.

▪ Bibliography Page(s) that lists references for your research citations in APA format. Books, journals, news articles, websites that are valid sources, and other digital media are acceptable.

▪ Suggestions for good presentation work:

o Content from WIKIPEDIA and other second sources is NOT acceptable. If you must use Wikipedia content, drill down into the references for that Wiki page and find the original sources

o Make sure your slides are neat and orderly. Do not clutter the slide with excessive text. The lengthy text (250-400 words) should be in the slide notes, not on the slide. Use business fonts such as Arial, Helvetica, or Times Roman. Do NOT use entertainment fonts such as MS Comic Sans or Papyrus.

o Use normal bullets or numbers. Do not distract from the content with unusual graphics or artwork. If you are including charts or graphs, be sure they a simple and easily readable.

o Keep to standard Microsoft business color themes in PowerPoint if you wish to dress up the presentation with some color. Theme usage and font colors should be professional and not distracting or tacky. 

o Do not litter the presentation with a lot of excessive slide animation. A fade in or slide in forslide transitions is ok. If used, animation should be subtle and tasteful. Slide animation adds no value to the content (and will not earn you a better grade). No spinning text please!


The following scenario sets the stage for your class project. All of the businesses mentioned are fictitious and do not exist (the homes, however, are actually for sale).

You are a risk management consultant working for FRMC, Inc., a firm that provides risk management advice, guidance, and financial audit services to new companies establishing themselves in the financial business sector. A small group of investment and mortgage experts from NYC have incorporated themselves into a new mortgage lending company called East End Loan, Inc. Their primary market focus is the small, sleepy, ocean-front village of Amagansett, NY just east of Southampton on Long Island’s wealthy and trendy south shore.

Following an economic recovery from the financial crash of 2008 and a resurgence of home construction and repair after Superstorm Sandy, the Long Island east-end real estate market has been on the rise. East End Loan, Inc has enjoyed dramatic growth and now has 450 employees. They maintain an extensive IT infrastructure which stores all of their financial lending information as well as critical residential deed, section, block, and lot information in their real estate portfolio which includes many of These Homes.

Now that the company is growing, the CEO and CFO from East End Loan have invited your company to visit them and discuss aspects of Risk Management that they have not implemented yet. Your job is to create a PowerPoint presentation that highlights the best practices of Risk Management.


Create a PowerPoint presentation of 6-10 slides. When dealing with C-suite executives, you typically have 30 minutes or less to pitch a proposal presentation – about 6-10 slides maximum. Do NOT exceed 10 slides of content. Extra slides will not earn you a better grade and the extra length makes it harder for me to review. The title slide and bibliography information are in addition to the primary slides. Build your 6-10 slides of Risk Management information first, then add on the title slide and the bibliography text.

Your presentation should include:

• Introduce risk management basics to the executives at a high level. How would you describe risk management to a group of people in terms that are simple to understand? (Use Chapter 1 and Lab 1 for ideas). Bulletize the basics on the slide, then expand upon the information in the slide notes.

• Highlight common threats and vulnerabilities in IT systems. This is the “hook” or selling part of the presentation. When you mention corporate threats and vulnerabilities (the “bad stuff”) to executives, you will have their full, undivided attention. Research on the Internet 2 or 3 examples of corporate IT failures or compromises because of poor risk management. Examples can include theft of passwords, system failure from natural disasters, data theft from hacking, and other business disruptions highlighted reported by the news media. Examples do NOT have to be in real estate, but should be within the last 5 years. Again, bulletize the threats/vulnerabilities on the slide, then expand upon in the slide notes. Don’t forget to cite your sources on the bibliography page.

• Touch upon some of the COBIT P09 risk management controls (refer to Lab 2 for help). Then outline to the executives what a formal Risk Management Plan might look like. You can refer to Lab 3 for help and research example Risk Management Plans or plan templates on the Internet.Don’t forget to cite your sources on the bibliography page. If you actually won this job for work, you would be providing a formal Risk Management Plan as the final delivery. So, the executives will want to see a summary outline of what the Plan would contain.

• Explain risk assessment in general. Executives typically do not concern themselves with working details so skip over quantitative risk analysis. However, at a minimum you must touch upon:

o Qualitative risk analysis

o Threat/vulnerability pairing

o Procedural, technical, and physical controls

o Best practices for risk assessments.

Much of this information can be found in Chapter 6 of the text.

• The last of the 6-10 slides should sell your company and the services it provides. NOTE: it is important to not get caught up in the homes for sale – that is not part of the presentation. You are selling risk management consulting services. Stay on track with that task.

Rubric for grading:

Weights awarded:

100% of points listed on items below – well developed content, well written

85% – meets requirements

70% – bare minimum, weakly written, or partially complete

0% – item below is missing

• Student described risk management basics (6 points)

• Student highlighted common threats and vulnerabilities in IT systems (8 points) 

• Student included 2 or 3 examples of corporate IT failures or compromises because of poor risk management (8 points) 

• Student examples were within the last 5 years (3 points)

• Student included information on COBIT P09 risk management controls (8 points)

• Student explained the basics of the risk assessment process (8 points)

• Student included qualitative risk analysis information (8 points)

• Student included Threat/vulnerability pairing information (8 points)

• Student included Procedural, technical, and physical controls information (8 points)

• Student included Best practices for risk assessments information (10 points)

• Student provided a closing slide of company services (2 points)

• Student included adequate slide notes of 250-400 words per slide (15 points)

• Student included a proper APA formatted bibliography of references (8 points)

TOTAL = 100 points.