War—it’s a difficult topic to cover.

War—it’s a difficult topic to cover. I have had retired and active duty members of the military from all over the world in my classes, as well as veterans in my family, so it’s something that I try to handle delicately and am cognizant of the fact that there are rarely simple answers when it comes to military involvement.

When thinking about a class activity for this topic, I want to give you the opportunity to learn about international conflicts—many of which do not get major coverage in the U.S.—and also let you flex your research muscles 🙂

Please select a conflict from abroad (1980 – present) that existed within one country and provide the following information: 

1. Country and year(s)

2. Major players/groups

3. What is the purported cause of the conflict?

4. What, if anything, was the response/interaction from the U.S.?

5. Interesting facts or figures that you found? 

6. What was the resolution or where does it currently stand?

Thank you in advance for sharing your findings with the class! I always look forward to seeing what this group comes up with.