watch kirikou and the sorceress

FOLLOWING SOME OF THE QUESTIONS BELOW, AND/OR YOUR OWN QUESTIONS WATCH KIRIKOU AND THE SORCERESS, A FILM BY MICHEL OCELOT (1998) 1. go to: http://libraries.cca.edul; in the search box enter kanopy 2. Click on kanopy, then search for Kirikou and the Sorceress. 3. Select the English edition (unless you speak French!) What MOTIFS does the director, Michel Ocelot, use in this narrative about Kirikou and his community? (bio for Michel Ocelot: Ocelot) What themes do you notice; are they repeated? If, as a review says, Kirikou’s nude body is not sexualized, but rather serves to emphasize his status as an infant-child-trickster-savant (wise person, learned), what aspirations for the community does Kirikou symbolize? . Is he an icon? A hero? Does he represent anything beyond himself? . Using your worksheet on STEREOTYPES AND IMAGES: AFRICAN MEDIA, whose perspectives are represented in the film? What’s the evidence? Do we know; can we infer?