Week 4 Discussion1

From your course textbook, Ticket to Write, read the following chapter:

  • “The Death of My Father,” by Steve Martin (Open attachment for this article)

A narrative essay relates a story in order to convey meaning or significance. In “The Death of My Father,” the author concludes by saying, “My father’s death has a thousand endings. I continue to absorb its messages and meanings.”

  • What is one significant message or meaning that you would like to point out from this essay?
  • Explain why that one stood out for you.
  • How effective was this essay?
  • What about the writing worked or didn’t work?
  • Point out the best sentence in the narrative and explain why you chose that one. 

In-Text Citation ExampleI have experienced the loss of several family members this year, and the final statement in Martin’s (2013) essay echoes how I felt each time someone died: “Nobody should have to die alone” (p. 630). ReferenceMartin, S. (2013). The death of my father. In S. S. Thurman, & W. L. Gary, Jr. (Eds.), Ticket to write: Writing skills for success. [Vital Source Bookshelf] (pp. 628-631). Retrieved from myeclassonline.com