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Can you think of a specific intervention that officers can do to help a person who may be suffering from a mental illness and possibly in a crisis? 

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Interventions can be defined as a tool to convince an individual requiring some form of change or treatment in life so as to accept the help the officer is offering. A officer can assist an individual struggling with some compulsive or destructive addictions or behaviors. One of the ways of officer intervening in mental health interventions is using a professional or intervention specialist with specialization in assessing mental disorders. Another intervention for mental health situations is exercise (M.D., 2014). Exercise can reduce the symptoms of mental health issues involving depression, post-traumatic stress disorders among others. Another way of intervening is time outdoors. Having sometimes outside can assist in reducing symptoms of various mental health conditions. Another way of intervention is taking a healthy diet that helps in keeping the body healthy and also improve the symptoms of the mental health situations (M.D., 2014). An example of a mental health situation is when a person has a PSTD or depression. Exercise can be effective because it serves as an antidepressant.


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