workflow diagram

 Workflow Diagram ‒ Decide upon a topic and send your topic for approval. ‒ Reflect on how the process actually works in a selected work setting within your group. ‒ Develop a workflow diagram for a work process as it is performed in your chosen setting. o Refer to the example in chapter 9 and to the “Common Symbols Used in Flowcharts Figure” to create your workflow diagram. ‒ Write a 250-300 word essay answering the following questions, using APA format. o Include any references that you have used to develop your outline and support your discussion of the process. ‒ Divide the questions among group members o Are there any workarounds that have been created to address gaps in the process?(please answer this question and I will send the diagram to guid you) don’t worry about the two other questions. and write about 100-120 words). o Are there steps that could be changed to improve efficiency of the process? o What obstacles to redesigning the workflow process exist in your clinical setting?