write a 500 words 2 page report on Database

Geeks-on-the-go recently opened a new service center locally in the Spectrum area. As part of their new setup they will sell reconditioned PC and laptops, and provide services to install, configure and upgrade computers for schools and universities. They are in need of an inventory system to support their service delivery operations and a DB to keep track of their portable workshops. Unfortunately a homegrown BestBuy COTS package from Microsoft has not be upgraded for a while, so, cost and time to leverage it is un-acceptable given their ambitious plans to service to configure entire classrooms of learning environments. They are looking for devoted teams of software & hardware graduates to standup a reliable application and database system to support operations in the near

, and then evolve the system thereafter as the client schools place orders for the services.

·         An introduction that outlines your proposal of at least 250 words

·         A conclusion paragraph of at least 250 words

Requirements of final written Project Report:

·         Each individual will complete and submit a report based on ONE of the three scenarios

·         Paper will be APA style format; double-spaced, using times new roman 12-point font with 1-inch margins all around.

  • The entire paper should be no more than 7 pages including title page, and references. No abstract is required. I expect close to five pages of content which includes tables and diagrams.
  • The paper should contain only substantive, relevant information.

·         Use at least 3 citations/references

  • Citations must clearly specify for the reader what is written material and where it may be found using APA style.  Do not use footnotes.