You will select a current quot;siloquot; process in either your work or personal life.

You will select a current “silo” process in either your work or personal life. In other words, the process you select must have noticeable inefficiencies in the process, due primarily to a lack of integrated information throughout the process. If selecting a process in your work, be sure to get your employer’s approval. Once you identify a process, obtain your instructor’s approval.

Then you will research and develop a term project that describes the as-is process as completely as possible, using both an activity diagram and a written description. Your project must then apply enterprise systems concepts to create a to-be process that is noticeably more integrated than the as-is process. The paper must include an activity diagram of the to-be process and a written description of the to-be process. A gap analysis must also be provided that includes a discussion of all of the following UML models: an initial class diagram, a class and object relationship diagram, and a use case diagram (including all actors that participate in the process and all use cases necessary to implement the proposed system). You do not need to include a state diagram or a sequence diagram in the term project.

The intent of the project is to have you show how an enterprise systems approach (i.e., broad perspective of the organization, shared data, and integrated processes across functional boundaries) can improve the efficiency of a business-wide process that flows through the organization (i.e., not just one functional area of the business). Think in terms of the scenario used for the modeling exercises, in terms of how the process was described in its current state and how it was described in its to-be state. You’ll be doing something similar to that, albeit in much more detail and with the models identified above included.

All of the required UML models must appear within the body of the paper and must be referenced within the body of the paper. This assignment must be between 10 to 15 pages in length, including the cover page, drawings, tables, and figures, and the assignment must be written in current APA format, with a conclusion of at least 1 page in length. Please refer to the associated rubric for details regarding how this assignment will be evaluated.

The Term Project is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 7.