Your model should follow the “crows foot” notation.


I need help with the Entity-Relationship diagram for the following, I need to see if I missed anything. Your model should follow the “crows foot” notation. Please provide answer on separate sheet. Must have 5 as they change based on the information.

  1. The university is divided into several schools such as business, arts and sciences, education, applied sciences, etc. Each school is administered by a dean who is also a professor. Each professor can be the dean of only one school, but a professor is not required to be the dean of any school. Data of interest regarding the school includes: school code (which uniquely identifies each school) and school name. Data of interest regarding the professor includes: ID number (which uniquely identifies each professor), specialty, rank, name, and email address
  2. Each school is comprised of several departments. For example, the school of business has an accounting department, a management department, a marketing department, etc. A school has to have at least one department, and can consist of any number of departments. Each department belongs to only a single school. Data of interest regarding departments includes: department code (which uniquely identifies each department) and department name.
  3. Each department offers courses; a department may offer as few as one course or any number of courses. A given course is offered by only one department. For example, the management department offers courses such as Introduction to Management and Production Management, etc. Data of interest regarding courses includes: course number (which uniquely identifies each course), course title, course description, and credit hours.
  4. Each semester, a number of courses (but not all courses) are offered. Any given course might or might not be offered and, if offered, could be offered a number of times in the semester. Each course offering is uniquely identified by a CRN (course requirement number). Other information regarding the course offering includes: cycle (i.e. Monday-Wednesday-Friday, Tuesday-Thursday, etc), starting time (i.e. 8:00 am), duration (i.e. 50 minutes) and semester (i.e. Fall 2014).
  5. Each department has at least one professor assigned to it. A professor is assigned to one and only one department